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Hello & Welcome!

The Approach

It's simple, we’re partnering until the finish line. 

Because when YOU WIN, I WIN!


I believe good design doesn’t have to be impossible for anyone (no matter how large or small the project). Good Design is about solving problems as much as attracting the eye. 

My name is Crystal Michelle and I'm a

Christian Entrepreneur

I've run several

successful online businesses

and believe my purpose is to help people

of faith move from Fear to Focus.


As a graphic designer, I am the colleague that puts hand written notes on your desk that say 

"Praying for You!".

With my clients, I am consistently humbled every-time we reach a milestone.  I love creating beautiful, clean, modern designs that give businesses of all sizes a competitive advantage.  I specialize in logo, branding, and apparel designs.

I look forward to creating that one of a kind design that makes you reply

 "I Love It!".

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